I spent nearly three years blogging my brother’s life, his thoughts, his writings, his search for love and a reason to live. You can find it at deadmansdiaries.com

I have thought for a long time about J’s beloved books. How precious they are. I have over 300 of them.  I put them in storage, I take them out of storage. I flick through them, I read them, I hold them, I dust them, I smell them, I put them back in storage.  But I’ve decided that if I am brave enough to have started Dead Man’s Diaries and share our lives then I am brave enough to set J’s books free too.  I’m guess I am sort of daring myself to do it.

But I’m going to try and put this hotch-potch plan into action. If I can work this out and commit to it and start doing it then I guess when I’ve finished sharing J’s life, I will have a new task under way, a new way to honour my brother, to keep him alive in some small way, to keep sharing him with the world.

How will I do it, who should I give them to? Will I just leave them one by one on a park bench?  Will I search out someone with an aura of bookishness to hand them to?  Should I leave them on a library shelf, or amongst the books in the Charity Shops?  I just don’t know.  I worry that people may think I am just some kind of nutter, touting religion or propaganda of some description and I shred myself to pieces thinking that they may just bin his books, paying them no mind, never knowing how precious they were and are.

It is my hope that they will read my message inside each book. Log on here to find it and write on the relevant book’s page, if they read it, if they liked it, if they didn’t and who or when they passed it on to. And then hopefully the next person will do the same and there will be a kind of life itinerary of the book and it’s new custodians and their lives and thoughts. I guess I feel I’ve brought J’s writing to life by sharing and now I’m trying to bring his books to life too.

Wish me luck, here’s hoping people are kind to books.


Please feel free to contact me at deadmanslibrary@outlook.com